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Veterans Pro is Veteran Owned

Update: I have started a Veterans Social website at https://veterans.social.casa!

 If you have been here before you will wonder where all the content of Veterans Pro went, I have updated Veterans Pro to the NextGen website script and because it is a totally different script all of the past post and videos have been removed. So For the next few weeks I will try to populate the website with some of the "important" old data that was here for Veterans previously. I will also be populating it with new videos and Articles that are relevant to Veterans. After a few weeks/months I will hopefully be opening up Veterans Pro for users socialize and post videos. It might take a little longer because there is a lot to do in order to open it up to users.

For your convenience I have added this link to  Tactical Center
Another one of my websites that is finished except for the ability to create user accounts that might prove interesting to Veterans. I Plan to have Tactical Center ready for users about the same time as Veterans Pro as I am working them at the same time. Tactical Center does have massive amounts of videos and data concerning Tactical interest and issues.

Veterans Pro Giving Credits where Credit is due........

Photos you will find on Veterans Pro:
A lot of photos are from the Department Of Defense [DOD] and they ask that we give them credit for those photos. Since I use so many of their photos, Here is a link to the DOD archived weekly photo album.

A few more things of interest about Veterans Pro.

I have several domain names that point to veterans pro http://Veterans.work and of course http://www.veterans.pro at this time they both point to the main domain here at http://www.veterans.name

I will be doing a lot of updating over the next few weeks and I look forward to getting Veterans Pro going strong again soon.. If you have any questions you can contact me on the: 


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This site is a part of the Vortex Network, a mass of whirling websites and a whirlwind of domain names!
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